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The Global Registries Initiative (GRI) aims to facilitate a global data and scholarly resources commons into which anyone can contribute, and from which anyone can discover and reuse valuable scholarly materials and research data. The commons will facilitate interdisciplinary research and stimulate innovation through the reuse of digital research resources in new contexts and knowledge domains.

The registration and description of research data and scholarly materials is best done at the local level, but searching is most effective at the global level. National registries work to fill the gap, facilitating access to the data in these multiple collections by gathering information about collections and the service points through which automated agents can discover their contents. Many discipline-specific global registries also work to fill this gap in their particular knowledge domain.

Our strategy is to form a federation of such national and disciplinary registries, providing an interoperable core of services based around the concept of a global "Register-of-Registries". This coordinated international mesh of collection and service registries will be useful to aggregators and intermediaries such as portals, applications and mash-up communities, and enable them to develop better global, cross-disciplinary discovery services beneficial to researchers, educators and the public interest.

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Global Registries Initiative Workshop to be held in Denver USA on 29th March 2011 - Details